Feb GM Windows 10 Security

Security is top of mind for many organization as cyber-attacks are now more brazen and sophisticated. Security has been at the forefront of our design of Windows 10, all the way from securing the hardware layer through to the flow of information. During this session we will walk-through Windows 10 security benefits, its relevance for your IT and plan for the future. After an overview of the current threat landscape, you’ll learn about Windows 10 Security with a technical discussion of the key solutions such as Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, Windows Information Protection, and Windows Hello for Business. During this workshop, you will learn about the new security features in Windows 10, and a technical discussion of Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, Windows Information Protection and Windows Hello for Business.

Location: BCTIA Innovation Hub  887 Great Northern Way, Vancouver, BC V5T 4T5

TICKETS: https://vantug-presents-gm-windows-10-security.eventbrite.ca


Feb SIG: What are Virtual and Augmented Realities: What does an IT Pro Need to Know

We look into the virtual world to discover what you need to know to support the new Virtual and Augmented workforce. Augmented Reality is making its way into manufacturing and distribution centers around the world.  Virtual Reality is being used by archetects designers, real estate companies as we build the metaverse.  Join us for this overview of what you need to learn about supporting Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Date & Location  TBD


March GM Windows 10 Deployment

We continue to make Microsoft Windows deployment easier to help enable all business to access the most secure operating system yet.  In this session, we provide an overview of the latest enhancements for Windows 10 deployment, with a focus on In-place upgrade and provisioning. This session we will also cover tools and techniques that can be used to prepare for deploying Windows 10, including Windows Upgrade Analytics Service, and Microsoft deployment toolkit.

Location: BCTIA Innovation Hub  887 Great Northern Way, Vancouver, BC V5T 4T5

TICKETS: https://vantug-presents-gm-windows-10-deployment.eventbrite.ca


March SIG: 360 Spherical & Stereoscopic Imaging for IT Pro's

Seminars and workshops on creating 360 and 360 stereoscopic projects.  The seminars will be a collaborative amalgamation of input from various content creators.  



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Speed. That’s something we’re known for around here. We work fast. Really fast. Our team uses Agile methodologies and Lean Startup principles to deliver our clients’ projects before the competition. 

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