Seeking Sponsors for 2017-2018 Season

We host Professional Development Seminars and Workshops for IT Professionals.  Typically sponsors donations provide food and facilities costs and when possible speaker expenses or honorariums. If your organization would like to sponsor an upcoming event or provide meeting space please email or use these links below to Patreon or Eventbrite.

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Fall 2017 Events In Planning:

‘Command Line ‘In Your Face”

Command line has long been the staple of IT Pro and Developers.  This fall we will bring the 'Command Line Interface’  SIG back to life.  We have had requests for events on - Beginner and Advanced PowerShell, GIT, Bash for Windows, Linux, WP-CLI - for Word Press Developers.  We hope to offer several 'Command Line 'In Your Face" events focused on learning CLI Tools.

Cloud Explorations

Azure, AWS, and Google are all offering cloud services.  We will explore what is out there and how to connect your On-Premise equipment to cloud services. 


Women In Technology

WIT will focus on events that highlight achievements of Women in Technology while helping build the skill sets of those in attendance.


Mentors and Minions

IT Mentoring Program for the entire IT Pro Community.  We will host a series of Mentoring Events & help match mentors for:  IT Pros, Administrators, Software Developers, DevOps Engineers, Database Administrators, Office 365 Admins, Graphic Designers, UX Designers, Hardware Engineers, VR/AR/MR Developers, Digital Imaging Specialists, HR Specialists and of course you! 


Lightning Lunches

So much to learn so little time! This year we are bringing back Lightning Lunches. VanTUG members can host a Lightning Talk at their workplace or local library.  To help train Volunteers in public speaking we will group 3 10 minute Lightning Talks

DevOps Team Building 

DevOps (a clipped compound of "development" and "operations") is a software development and delivery process that emphasizes communication and collaboration between product management, software development, and operations professionals.  We will be bringing DevOps training opportunities to the community as we grow the DevOps Special Interest Group.

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Vancouver HoloLens User Group  ‘VanHUG’ 

We are exploring technologies with the Vancouver Technology User Group by integrating with the Vancouver HoloLens User Groups and with other Meetups in the Vancouver Area so we can extend our Knowledge Sharing into other established groups.





VanTUG+ is a series of collaborative events focused on Technology

VanTUG will engage Special Interested Groups to help foster and support the Knowledge Sharing VanTUG has become known for.



There are several ways to share your experience through VanTUG+  This project is being undertaken in collaboration with VanTUG - Vancouver Technology User Group and several local User Groups and Community Organizations.  Since VanTUG's inception, the interest from the membership has been centered around learning both about the newer technologies as well as to seek out other members that may have the knowledge to share. 


The Special Interest Group - SIG: VanTUG+  360 Full Circle Mixed Reality. 


Focusing on 360 Spherical Filmmaking & Mixed Reality over the next few months.  The target audience will be Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced technologists and film makers.  We are working with several local organizations and user groups to bring detailed seminars and workshops on:  360 filmographies,  Specifications [Camera/interfaces/Hardware] 360 software [stitching/editing / rendering] 360 Distribution & Events 


Introducing 'Vancouver Hololens User Group - VanHUG'


Vancouver Technology User Group Introduces Vancouver Hololens User Group   

Are you interested in Hololens Development?  

"VanHUG"  Presents: "Hololens & HandSense Technology"  A Live Talk with SOC Robotics Stephen Swift & Karma VR's Dirk Gombos about Hololens development and the HandSense Integration. 

When Microsoft announced the Hololens in early 2015 SOC Robotics signed up to the Insider Program and proposed integrating HandSense with the Hololens. The ability to track hand/finger gestures inertially was missing from the Hololens. SOC received it's Hololens as part of the Wave 4 shipments in July of 2016. Since then SOC Robotics has developed over ten Hololens applications integrating HandSense, several of which will be demonstrated at the event.


Stephen Swift, President of SOC Robotics, Inc. 
Dirk Gombos from 3D Evolution / Karma VR 

Free Tickets:

Developer Resources:

 Introducing your 'Vancouver Hololens User Group - VanHUG'





Vancouver Technology User Group and HoloLens User Group are volunteer based organizations.  

Please contact to volunteer.

Spread the word.


Thank you Patron's and Sponsor's

A Very Special Thank you goes out to VanTUG Patrons for their Donations towards event costs.  

VanTUG is a Volunteer Organization and your continued supports help us to bring you great events every month. Thank you very much to our Patrons and Volunteers who make every event a pleasure. 

Seeking Sponsors for 2017 Spring Meetings

Hi there we are looking for Event Sponsors for 2016-2017 Winter Meetings.

Typically our events run $300 - $500 Per night.   If your organization would like to sponsor an upcoming event please email 

Thanks to Aequilirium for bringing us Pizza!

Aequilibrium is a digital product studio which brings together product managers, designers, developers, coffee lovers and frisbee freaks dedicated to creating winning web, mobile and IoT solutions. We plan, design, architect and build technology platforms and products—delivering world-class technology solutions for companies such as, Central 1 Credit Union, Monexa, Fatigue Science, Minnesota State Government, and the University of Alberta.

Speed. That’s something we’re known for around here. We work fast. Really fast. Our team uses Agile methodologies and Lean Startup principles to deliver our clients’ projects before the competition. 

If you like the sound of that, we invite you to check out available job opportunities with us!