Who's Who at VANTUG


Vancouver Technology User Group is a Volunteer organization.  Our mandate is to share technology information as a network of IT Professionals. This is a very inclusive group consisting of those guys and girls that keep IT running. The IT Pros, Administrators, Software Developers, DevOps Engineers, Database Administrators, Office 365 Admins, Graphic Designers, UX Designers, Hardware Engineers, VR/AR/MR Developers, Digital Imaging Specialists, HR Specialists and of course you! 

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions - if you don't know who to contact - email James Balatt, President of VANTUG and he will direct your inquiry to the right individual.

VanTUG Executive.

President: James Balatti   President@VanTUG.com  778.235.2199

Past President  Peter Martin  Peter.Martin@VanTUG.com 

Vice President Finance: Vern Crouch  Vern.Crouch@VanTUG.com

Vice President Membership:  Roz McNaulty  Roz@VanTUG.com

Communications: Mohindar Malhotra   Mohindar.Malhotra@VanTUG.com

Communications & Fundraising: Ali Paschi  Ali.Paschi@VanTUG.com

Social Media: Phillip Yan   Philip.Yan@VanTUG.com

We have removed the contact infomation for all executives for spam and privacy reasons. We ask that you please DO NOT track us down at our place of work as we have "day jobs" that we would like to keep - we need you to respect that this is all volunteer. 

Thanks in advance.



Roles and Responsibilities


For those of you who don't know what the fancy titles mean, here is a brief description:

  • President: Chairs Board meetings, runs General Meetings, establishes and maintains relationships with outside bodies such as Microsoft, INETA and GITCA, sponsors, etc.,
  • Vice President Finance: Maintains accounting records and files necessary reports
  • acts as Secretary at Board meetings and assists the President or committees as needed.
  • Vice President Membership: Membership & Mentoring, Public Relations and Fundraising and assists the President or committees as needed.
  • Past President:  Assist Executive, Mentors Team, Builds Community, Advises.
  • Event Director: Event Management & Volunteer Coordinator for events 
  • Communications: Public Relations, communications distribution & info ops
  • Program Director: Assists President to recruits speakers, and coordinates and schedules meeting programs, Co-ordinates Speakers Communications & Side Desk Shares.
  • Webmaster: Maintains group's website and database 
  • Media Webmaster: Maintains Media Files and database with Webmaster
  • SIG Director: Assists Special Interest Group Coordinators with formation, meeting locations, and publicity
  • SIG Coordinators: Manage their Special Interest Group, attends meetings, coordinates speakers with SIG Director as required.


What does VANTUG do?


Well, now that you know who we are - what is it exactly that we do?

Well, the Executive meets once a month and we discuss how we can improve and provide more value to our membership. We each have defined roles and responsibilities that highlight what we are accountable.

Some of the goals and objectives that we are currently involved with are:

  • Website Redesign. The website uses Microsoft .NET technology. This way we will be able to further automate our registration process, enhance our meeting notification process, as well as provide other features like voting - so you can get involved in selecting the topics you want to hear more about.
  • Public Relations. We are working on creating a program that will increase the awareness of the Vancouver Technology User Group in the community. There are a lot of business professionals, administrators and students who are still not aware of the advantages and benefits of VANTUG.
  • Membership. We wish to continue to be responsive to our membership's needs and therefore we will be putting out a survey that will help us to further understand the membership's needs and help us to define and create programs that meet that need.
  • Financial. We have been operating with a limited revenue stream and will be looking for other alternatives to generating the financial support that we need in order to continue to provide reasonable membership fees to our members.
  • Volunteering in VANTUG. One of our objectives is to promote a positive and enjoyable environment for volunteers to donate their time, energy and enthusiasm to the association.
  • Program Management. This is the part of VANTUG that most of our members see, our objective here is to produce presentations and events that educate and introduce new technologies that provide measurable value to the membership. We are trying to plan our presentations as far ahead as possible so that we can publish a program.
  • Special Interest Groups. We want to foster an environment where SIGs are successful. This means that our SIG Director will be working more closely with SIG Coordinators and offering them more support than in the past.
  • Infrastructure. Our objective with respect to infrastructure is to ensure the success of VANTUG longer term. This includes developing our volunteers and working with vendor community at large.
  • Benefits. To continue to provide added value in the way of benefits to the membership through alliances with ATEC's and other affiliated organizations. We have secured some discounts for VANTUG members - however, we are working to expand and improve this area.


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The official mailing address for 

Vancouver Technology User Group is:

552A Clarke Road
Suite 453
Coquitlam, BC
V3J 0A3